Sunday, August 28, 2016

Ostriches in Banana Republic

"Where donkeys cried out loud for the welfare of cows and dogs,  he carried her corpse on his shoulders and walked away ". Though the sentence stirred me, I knew the news will not bother me more than a couple of days. Have you ever wondered how these years that we live in will be marked in the pages of history?
Since the chance of truth appearing in history books is quite rare,  future generations may never figure out that we were a generation of Ostriches who immersed our heads deep in sand heaps and bothered only about our own business. Will they ever find out that education,  technology and scientific advances didn't change the fact that open defecation and child marriage were accepted in our communities? If truth was passed on to the next generation,  will they label us a bunch of barbarians who beat a man to death because of what we assumed to be his choice of food? Is it probable that we will be remembered as a generation where the majority remained silent and let a few carry on with the atrocities?  Asking a lot of questions without any solutions doesn't make the world a better place.  But I am afraid that if I don't wonder out loud occasionally,  I may lose a piece of my mind. Hence the rambling; please bear with me.

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