Monday, March 16, 2009

The Jawadhu experience

just back from the community health programme in Jawadhu hills in Thiruvannamalai..i am not sure whether it is part of eastern ghats,western ghats,etc, i wont be boring u with the geographic details..atul was saying that he remembered having to draw 2 small lines as part of the ghats in tamilnadu..may be this is that only..any way,the trip was quite a lot of fun..(though i had a bit of mood swing attacks and was kind of depressed for arond half the time on the first day of the trip..)
we were contemplating the methods to be adopted in case of getting beaten up in the village considering the fact that our study was to find the fertility rate of the tribal population in the hills..but the people generally turned out to be qiute nice and co-operative(i guess we might have actually got beaten up if we used the national family health survey questions which had questions like at what age did u have ur 1st sexual intercourse and other such stuff:))well most of the females still giggled and some of them were blushing like crazy when we asked them how many children they wanted to have at the time of marriage...then there was the tricky part of keeping the drunk husbands occupied while chinthu interviewed the wife.on the last day i had to manage a drunk guy and his wife at the same time.i was a bit scared in the beginning that the guy will screw it up but it turned out to be the most hilarious event in the whole programme.he started blurting out random words in english and told me he was an MBA holder(i didnt ask him what MBA stands for according to him...that chap turned out to be someone who is married somewhere else and happened to be visiting his sweetheart in the hills).anyway it was lots of fun and it was the last interview during the programme.

this whole trip was actually quite these tribal villages the guy and girl stay together for 2-3 months before they get about live-in realtions!!
another interesting thing was that they breastfeed their kids for 4-5 years...we even found someone who was breastfeeding her child for7 years..but the shocking thing is that most of them still deliver at home..the mother/mother-i-l/sister-i-l, around during the delivery..many of them offerd us food and all and one of us had the honour of naming a kid also..i know... that was quite a cute thing.. :)anyway now back to the civilisation and analysis of all the data that we collected.


Sivakumar said...

Hey, I'm one who enjoy Jawadhu's nature to every bit. It's a scenic mountain near to Chennai. I have visited so many times to this place and know few facts about this hills range:

1. got approximately 293 species of animal kingdom including bison, elephants, haina, deers,
bear, peacock,rabbit, wild boars and jackal.
2. is one of the larges sandal wood forest in India
3. got many tribal hamlets
4. spread from vellore to singarapettai in Vellore and Tiruvannamalai Dt.
5. got a beautiful waterfalls
6. got a cave which has the left outs of the humans of yesteryear (40 thousand
years back), need 18kms of trekking.
7. got the Vainupappu observatory which is 2nd largest in the world is located
in here
8. is birth place for Cheiyar and other branch rivers for Palar is starting from
this hills
9. very disturbing rate of HIV affected tribals are found in this range, as SEX
is not limited with marriages for them
10. Most of the tribals have SEX and give birth to babies as early as 13years of
11. Many tribals never seen 100 houses put together or any town in their life
12. Tamilnadu govt recently built a guest house and a boat jetty at the top of
this hills
13. Jack fruits, Honey, Samai rice (millet) and Tamarind are cultivated heavily.
14. is 230kms from chennai and 200kms bangalore

You can see my old blog posts for further information about JAWADHU Hills, I
have tried to record everything that I encountered at Jawadhu. [Great RECCE] [RECCE I] [Family tour] [Corporate team outing] [RECCE II]

I'm going to take Chennai Photography Club members to record the tribal life in Jawadhu very soon. If you think, please let me know any tribal related good stories you learned during your survey.

neerkoli said...

hi..thanx for ur comment..i dont have any stories as such..however i happened yto notice that they have very bad healthcare&education facilities..also there is a huge unemployment problem..