Wednesday, March 18, 2009

about irritating idiots

Phew!!!i am writing this mainly 'cos i am so generally pissed with life and especially with the behaviour of some of my classmates.i dont like confrontations so i generally just swear in my mind when i get badly pissed with people.i know i am deviating away from the topic but i dont really care...that was kind of the purpose of this post..i know its kind of spineless not to telll ppl on their face when they become irritating but this is much be frank,in many situations i cannot exactly point out to myself why i am so disturbed and irritated..sometimes there is no reason at all..sometimes there r people whose faces which bug me..

Well after writing till the last line i had to leave 'cos i had some i am in a completely different mood and not feeling bitchy like i was(dunno whether it is manly to have felt bitchy or to have accepted it but then,who cares??)So like i was saying people can be irriating in several ways...some jackasses think it is really smart to walk around making jokes when people are working on something which is supposed to be "teamwork".then there are those great ones who are permanently in the dream world,smile to themselves,speak to voices you can't hear and then ask stupid questions..but i guess the most irriating are the"supervisors".The supervisors are a clan who walk around the whole place telling whom to do what and how people can improvise their work.They firmly and strongly believe that their existence,commands and guidance is essential for bringing out perfect results though the truth is just the opposite.Actually i would take back the "most irriating" bit about supervisors.Sometimes i feel ultra-irriated by myself..when i started writing this post one of the main reasons for my irritation was my own inefficiency..i guess i was kind of trying to mask that by feeling irritated with others..(wow,not bad i am sounding semi-philosophical :D)guess this much 'll do for now..

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