Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Clerkship notes-1

Well, has been quite sometime since i added anything here and i am feeling kind of lazy though i am supposed to study how to put Ur hand in some one's gluteal fold and etc,etc...(don't misunderstand posting started in the unit of colorestal surgery..)i wonder how many assholes will a colorectal surgeon's index finger see in its lifetime...i seriously pity that many times would it have hoped.."if only i was not born in the hand of this jackass..or may be at least his left hand instead of the right.."i wonder whether this is the reason why most of these ppl seem to be quite constipated most of the time...may be some time they should put a finger in their own anal canals and ensure that some shit goes out...
Anyway,besides the finger in the ass stories(oh that reminds me of the story when one of the senior surgeons was in a mood to rag and asked a few of my seniors to do rectal examination on each other...dunno what the end of the story was..not that i care about the fingers of those pricks..)we had fun watching the PG registrars sleep during surgery and listening to the utter stupid answers that we gave to the questions we were asked etc,etc...and now i've rightly reached the conclusion that this post sounds damn boring...not that it means i am going to stop writing this who cares if they r boring..i'll might as well make them a bit longer than my prevoius ones..i was actually embarrassed by the size of my first 2 posts when i had a look at them..i mean,how can a medical student who has entered his third year (Hopefully..)not be an expert in the art of gassing and creating amazing loads of bullshit...actually i think that was the major difference between first year and second year...believe it or not..i wrote one full page on a machine for second year Univs.without having any clue of what it is...but i haven't yet achieved the great heights of my friends who defined pregnancy as a condition affecting women in reproductive age groups all over the globe or those great souls who drew the picture of a scorpion when the lesser mortals who set the question papers quizzed them on scorpion sting treatment or the imaginative ones who defined drunkenness as "a condition which causes embarrassement to a person who consumes alcohol and to those around him"..
actually most of the stuff i've written here r not really stuff about my clerkship posting...but i cant really think of any highly interesting events during this posting except for one of them suggesting that we can take turns to volunteer for the demonstration of rigid sigmoidoscopy(in which a 25 cm rod makes it way up ur..well,u guessed it right)or digital rectal examination(i guess the name speaks for itself..but for those morons who happened to think it involves anything realted with computers:"NO!"it just means that the surgeons index finger will be having a trip into ur ass),i hope i've at least made this post longer than the others..if not may be i should consider accepting the invitation to volunteer for the demo..on second thoughts,no..who knows what these ppl are going to put into u once u show them ur backside..i am sure one day they 'll make something the size of the twin towers or something.. :-)

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