Friday, November 6, 2009

blah blah and more blah hurts to see that my blog is such a barren land..not that i am getting very concerned abt no one reading it,though i would be kind enough to admit that i've given up searching for comments on my posts cos i know there 'll be none...but what actually upsets me is that i haven't really rambled on anything for a long gives me a lot of satisfaction when i can just bullshit away to glory abt any random thing and there is a nice loooong post at the end of the here i am trying to make yet another post though i cant really think of anything interesting to jot down..frankly speaking,i should be studying/doing my project work/something in those lines...i've got two tests coming up next week..but its ok...for the time being i really really need to express myself...

may be i should write abt my quality time spent in buses..being the ideal,faithful student,i miss the collg bus on most of the days and therefore end up taking the town bus in the morning..i really like those twenty minutes which i spent with myself,unless i am terribly late for a class...i think abt any random topic,scold myself for being such a lazy ass,philosophize,review my past mistakes,try to make up songs abt my collegemates,plan my future,etc,etc...but the funny thing is that i dont talk so much with myself if i am in the collg bus..not that i'll be talking to someone all the time...there r lots of times i sit inside the college bus and just get bored...also i guess sitting near the window helps my thought process,whether its collg bus or town good thing abt town buses is that u get to witness interesting stuff at times..once i remember an old woman beating up a drunk guy cos she thought he was trying to misbehave with women..actually the poor chap was so drunk that he just kept falling off his seat..i dont even know whether he realised that he was getting thulped so badly...anyway finally the conductor joined the fight and our protagonist was mercilessly thrown off the bus....(btw,as i just finished the last sentence,the plank on which the keyboard was placed kinda came off the table and everyone around started staring at me..i could sense my ears turning red..thats the first thing which happens to me when i am under pressure..i just looked around, gave a sheepish smile and continued :D )
Its funny how absurd your thought process sounds to you when you actually write it down and read it after a few months...i had typed till the previous para and left it some 2-3 months back...coming back to the topic,(what topic actually?dont demean yourself..theres no topic;this is just senseless babbling!!)i wonder how my dad would've spent the numerous hours he spent travelling...having to work at a place which is almost 3 hours away from where you stay means a looooootttt of travel.But unlike me,he's not that much of a careless daydreamer....he did make quite a few friends,made millenious observations about ppl,witnessed several funny/wierd moments which were later presented to us as interesting stories...i guess i've inherited that quality of adding garam masala and being a story teller...thats enough for the time being..i am tired of thinking for more stuff to make this crap longer..

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