Thursday, December 31, 2009

goodbye 2009

regardless of how short its going to be i've decided to put up a post on the last day of this feels kinda nice to sit back and look back at the days which have gone and will never come back...this year was not one of my favourites....this was the hardest year for my batch since we joined college and my batch means a lot to me...we went through too many crises..hopefully its all over now...i feel a bit sad too as 2009 is getting over...2010 sounds so...i mean its the sort of dates u'lll read in science fiction novels when they want to imagine all sorts of stud robots and other stuff in the future...cant believe i'll be starting final year in another 3 months...scary,though.i can still remember my first day in hostel as if it were yday...ah...i miss first year...
TV channels and newspapers are trying to collect and put up stuff on everything they can think of abt 2009...i liked Indian Express' editorial page...they've filled it with selected 'Letters to the Editor' and quotes by ppl from diff. stratas of the society...i kind of felt an urge to spend some time of this last day on net...after all i turn to this place so often...when i am bored,frustrated,etc, anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you out there....and goodbye to 2009..

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